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The History of NovAgra, Inc.

NovAgra, Inc., began as a corporation in 1990. At that time, several individuals directly involved in Midwestern agriculture recognized the need for a more scientifically grounded system of micronutrient fertilization of row and forage crops. The corporation began its sales operation with two products, namely, a starter fertilizer and NovaMix micronutrient formulation, both products being intended for on-seed furrow application. This list of fertilizer products grew rapidly over the next few years, with each new product designed to fill a particular need in the overall concept of crop fertilization according to balance, timing and placement of fertilizers.

Throughout the history of NovAgra, Inc., field plot testing has played a key role in product research and development. Each product much be proven through field trials for three consecutive years before it is offered in our product price list. Currently, NovAgra, Inc., offers several products each of which has been designed to fulfill a specific nutritional need. Many of these products are in their third, fourth or even fifth "generation", i.e., their composition has been altered to better fill the original designed need.

As in the past, NovAgra, Inc., will continue to conduct research and field trial testing, not only to improve current products, but also develop new products which will be designed to satisfy specific nutritional needs.



field plot testing

. . . field plot testing has played a key role in

product research and development . . .


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